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Use your time and financial resources to support the ongoing work of building the goodness and greatness of Chicago.


Launched in 2016 through Park Community Church, the Renew Chicago Triathlon Team is a faith-based athletic organization operated under the direction of Renew Chicago and assembled to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a creative and inspirational way. During our fifth season together, we will be racing in the various formats of the Chicago Triathlon, at Foster Beach on Saturday, August 28, and beginning at Monroe Harbor on Sunday, August 29.

Over the course of our first four seasons, more than 300 big-hearted Chicagoans have bonded together through a series of social and training events, successfully achieving a goal less than 2% of Americans ever have. Along the way, we’ve raised significant awareness and more than $225,000 for a dozen local ministry and charity partners, supporting a variety of amazing initiatives that support under-resourced communities throughout the city of Chicago.

After the Covid-19 Pandemic forced us and the Chicago Tri to skip a year, the 2021 vision for Renew Chicago will re-align with core ministry partner Breakthrough Urban Ministries and add a new team partnership, through Church of the Holy Comforter. Two other organizations, Tri-Masters and Live Grit Soars, have supported our team from its inception and we will be partnering with both of them to support their kids programming and this year. Each of these charity partner relationships is structured uniquely, and all of them are intended to empower and encourage our Tri Team athletes to creatively spread the Gospel message throughout our community.

Thank you for considering supporting or joining the 2021 Renew Chicago Tri Team, as we are pumped to get back to racing this summer!!

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Given the strident voices in our public square, we want to provide space for the faithful to find their own voice and sensibility. The birth of Black Lives Sacred ( seeks to educate on the intersection of race and the gospel and mobilize and cultivate racial justice in their communities. There will be some excellent intellectual resources (see Pastor Dan Osborn’s brand new “Black lives are Sacred”, Pastor Nathan Payne’s earlier sermon “Making Peace is a Family Trait”, and Attorney Jonathan Harmon’s “My Father’s Advice”). There will be opportunities to get personally engaged and volunteer, and the ability to donate to partner ministries that are directly impacting Black lives in Chicago.


Jesus said, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.” (John 13:34–35, ESV).

Throughout the history of the church, Christians have always been the leaders in adoption. Going back all the way to the very first days of the Christian Church. Throughout the Roman Empire Christians quickly became known as those who adopted. Their love for the orphan was particularly evident.

Today at Park Community Church there is a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit that is evident to many. God is stirring this church up to be leaders in the adoption conversation. Many couples have already stepped into the work of caring for orphans and children at risk through organizations like Safe Families, becoming foster parents, and also by adopting.

At Park, we believe that many are called to participate in caring for orphans through adoption. As a church we want to come around potential adoptive and foster parents and provide community, stability, and support. We also believe that finances should never be a barrier for a willing Christian family to enter into adoption. Today, adoption costs usually range between $25,000-35,000 depending on the adoption agency used and whether the adoption is domestic or international. That can be a huge barrier for many people considering adoption.

This is where there is a unique opportunity for our church to step in and support. Through the regular giving here at Park and in partnership with Renew Chicago, this adoption fund aims to come alongside adoptive parents to provide significant financial assistance in their pursuit of adoption. We want to remove finances from being a barrier for members of our Church to adopt. Our prayer is that we would stir one another up to radical love in the name of Jesus.

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