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Renew Chicago Tithe

Renew Chicago wants to tithe what God has blessed us with. As we commend Christ’s followers to observe the biblical teaching concerning tithing, Renew wishes to tithe, as well. Any financial contribution made to Renew can be donor directed to one of our partner ministries; in turn, Renew will issue a check to the participating ministry, but with a 10% bonus. For example: if you donate $1,000 to Renew, and direct it towards UR Chicago, they will receive $1,100. It’ll be your choice if you care to be acknowledged by the partner ministry or not. We prefer check or stock donations. Our address is 1001 N Crosby, Chicago, IL 60610.

Participating Ministries include:
24: 7
By the Hand
Lydia Home/Safe Families

Moody Bible Institute
Naomi’s House
Pacific Garden Mission
Pursue Scholars

Resource Global
Rooted’s Night Church initiative (North Rogers Park)
Sabka Sahara outreach ministries
UR Chicago
World Relief

If you have a heart for another Chicago Christian non-profit, let us know, and we will consult the Park pastoral and elder team.

E-mail [email protected]. Of course, you are welcome to donate to Renew Chicago’s general fund and see your own contribution matched 10-to-1.